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Two weekends ago we went to see “Chaos in the CBD” and “Detroit Swindle” in this event called SoundEat. It’s located in Parc del Forum. The place is perfect for this kind of event, it’s a big open space with a massive roof. We weren’t that lucky with the weather though, 7 degrees and cold rain is not the nicest if you want to be outside, but luckily the roof took care of us and the atmosphere was great!



We arrived at around 5 pm and my personal favourites, Chaos in the CBD, had just started playing, their set was amazing and so much fun!! Everybody was dancing and there were smiley faces everywhere. If you ever have a chance to see them DJ, you should go! They play a mix of deep house, disco and techno. They played for two hours and after we finished we caught half an hour of Detroit Swindle but since the weather was so bad we decided to leave early, everyone was also pretty hungry after all the dancing. 🙂


I tried to take some nice pictures to capture the atmosphere and feeling of the evening. The event was well organised and the sound was very good, so in that sense I can really recommend SoundEat. Sometimes you have a great set of artists but then the sound is not good and you can’t enjoy the event at its fullest. Another positive thing is that it starts early and it finishes at a reasonable hour (from 1 pm to 10 pm), so you don’t have to spend the whole night outside.


The best thing about early events is that you still have time to continue the evening with your friends. After the event we went to eat in one of our favourite restaurants “Capitol de Vietnam”. If you are a fan of Vietnamese food, this is a place for you. The service is very good and fast, the food is a heaven on earth and the prices are decent (there will be a post about this place later on). I don’t know if I’m getting old but this kind of evening is just perfect. The older you get it’s more difficult to stay up late and if you do so, the next day you can’t function at all. 😀

Looking forward to more day events and music!

– Eeva –



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