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Pinosa is an amazing restaurant. Our friend Roger is from Andorra and he told us that they have the best tapas in the city and we had to try them. I have to say that after eating there I can totally agree with him and I’m forever thankful that he showed us this beautiful place. If you ever travel to Andorra, I highly recommend you to eat there!


When we arrived to the restaurant I didn’t know what to expect. Pinosa is a restaurant that is cozy, warm and has few tables. The atmosphere is relaxed, similar to someone’s living room. Roger had reserved a table in advance and I recommend you to do that if you come with a big group of people. We got a nice round table which made the dinner comfortable and enjoyable.


The bread you see above is the classic “Pa amb tomàquet”, which is considered Catalan cuisine’s most recognisable dish. Just thinking about that bread makes me so hungry! I know bread itself can sometimes be a bit boring and it’s usually there as an extra but this bread is a completely different experience. This “pan con tomate” was the best I have ever tried. I didn’t know that bread with tomato, salt and olive oil could taste so good.

We got some Iberic ham and cheese with the bread and the combination was wonderful. The ham was nicely cut and it just melted in your mouth. The cheese was super tasty and worked perfectly together with the bread. I was surprised about the size of the cheese plate. Usually when you order cheese you get few thin slices and it’s super expensive. That cheese plate was nothing like a regular cheese plate from your typical tapas place.



The owner of the restaurant recommended this “Marques de Terán” wine. I’m not a wine expert but the wines from Rioja have usually been good and this particular red wine was very good. I wish I could tell you more about its flavors but I’ll leave it to the experts. As a reference, we drank the whole bottle. 😉


Since Andorra is not located near the ocean, it’s not a place you would expect to eat good seafood. However, this Galician style octopus (pulpo a la Gallega) was surprisingly good. I would definitely eat it again. It was perfectly cooked.


Ricardo and Fernando (the Mexicans) enjoying tapas.



Can we talk a little bit about that “tortilla de patata”? I completed el Camino de Santiago in October 2016, it involved waking up at six in the morning, walking around 20 km per day and eating one small “tortilla de patata” almost every afternoon. “Tortilla de patata” is a Spanish potato omelette which is probably the most common dish served in Spain. It seems like it’s easy to cook since it’s basically just eggs and potatoes but it’s not. During the month I was walking to Santiago I tried several omelettes but this one was in a whole new level. It was nicely cooked and full of flavor. The “Croquetas” were also very good. They weren’t oily at all and a joy to chew on.



By the end of the night we ordered a “digestivo” and we got this bottle of Orujo. It is commonly believed that a shot of this liquor will help you digest the insane amount of food you’ve just eaten. I don’t know if it helped me that much because I couldn’t walk normally after that dinner, I could hardly breathe, but in a good way. 😀

Overall, all I want to say is that if you ever visit Andorra, go to Pinosa. In the end we each paid around 24 euros with two (or maybe three) drinks included. Taking into account the amount of food and the quality, I believe the price was completely fair. Service was good and since the restaurant is not that big the atmosphere was fun and intimate.

Restaurant La Pinosa

11 C Carrer de La Unio,

Andorra la Vella AD500,


– Eeva –


6 thoughts on “PINOSA

  1. Fernando Cañedo says:

    I really liked this post, I take out several smiles to remember how well we had it and how much we ate. Now I’m a little hungry 😦 greetings Eeva!


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