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Moving abroad and blogging changed my perception towards everything around me


I’ve been thinking this a lot lately and I believe that blogging can change your life and make you a better person. Blogging has made me think about myself and reflect on my actions towards other people and my surroundings. When you actually take some time to sit down and form your opinions and write them down, you see them from a different perspective. I believe that spending some time with your inner speech can’t be that bad, or can it? Having the opportunity to go to a place and think for a moment should be a human right. Any sort of place without interruptions.

I believe that in the moment when you start showing people what you think, the more you start to appreciate your surroundings. Before I wouldn’t share anything and I didn’t want to, because I thought that no one could relate to anything I felt and my thoughts were very different from others. Now I feel that this kind of thinking is even more self-centered than actually sharing information and telling people what you see and believe in. There will be someone who thinks the same and has already been thinking the same thoughts as you. The perspective is just different and that makes it more interesting.

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Blogging makes you look at your surroundings and yourself with a critical eye. What could I write about? Who would I collaborate with and still hold on to my values? I have to say that this makes everything harder.

Working on a book project and food blog in a really intense way has shown me how satisfying it is to show people something that you’ve created. I think human beings are made to create something new. It keeps us active and because of the Internet we have so many ways to show it to other people.

I think working on our “Unwind” project has made me the happiest person ever. One of my friends told me that I looked so much happier now and this project had really made me come alive, it was so incredible to hear these words. I realised that I would have never even considered or thought of doing something like this if I had never started writing or taking pictures.


Even though I’m not doing it every day, I’m thinking about it every day. I have also started to draw again and that has also influenced my way of thinking a lot and it has made me write notes on my phone all the time. I just sometimes feel that I don’t have enough time to write everything down and show things the way that I want. But I’ve reached the conclusion that the more the merrier doesn’t apply to all kinds of blogging, it’s only in our heads that we need to do it one way or not at all. We look at big accounts and compare ourselves to something that has been created for years instead of thinking that maybe I could do it too, but in my own way, and it will take time. I think that the biggest problem in our age is that we are not patient anymore. We are so caught up with numbers that we forget why we even started doing anything. And how much work it requires.


I think that working on a guide / recipe book has taught me that we need reliable information in this world, especially when we live in a day and age where its so easy to create and share fake information. When you work on something with passion and collaborate with people who also appreciate the things you do, your world opens up and it makes you feel that you are part of something real.

I think it would be good for everyone to write some sort of diary just to get closer to your inner speech. We are so afraid of it instead of thinking that it maybe has something to tell us. It’s like your friend that is trying to tell you something and you never have time for them. In some point you have to sit down and talk, otherwise your will lose it.

– Eeva –

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How can two months disappear?

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The answer is easy: be as busy as you can.

These past two months have been crazy. So many things have happened and sometimes I’ve felt like a robot who is just doing everything on automatic pilot. I’ve tried not to overheat and not stress too much because everybody knows what happens when you do that. All the things that have happened have been nice things, but in order for nice things to happen you need to struggle a bit (or a lot).

But we all need some busy times to appreciate our “normal life”. I guess the definition of normal varies from person to person, but for me it’s that kind of life where I actually have time to think about what I’m doing and not just do things without thinking. Having a lifestyle where you can take your time to think about things may sound luxurious to many people but I believe it’s necessary to be fine with yourself, and I’d really recommend it to everyone. It’s very important because if you only go full speed forward and never stop to think, I feel that you lose your focus easily. What happens to me when there is a lot going on is that I start to focus on little things. For example I start convincing myself that cleaning is the number one priority even though that’s a big lie. You can clean later, there’s no cleaning police behind you.

So why am I talking about cleaning?

The biggest change is that we moved to a new apartment. I had a very ambitious plan to clean all our floors in a way that we don’t have to wear shoes at home and now the project is finished and I couldn’t be happier! That’s one thing I really missed from Finland. When I lived in Finland the best moment of the day was when I was able to leave my sweaty shoes at the entrance. I believe that now that the summer is here and the temperature is rising from day to day, nothing feels better than walking barefoot. Also the cleaning part in the future will be a lot easier. 😀

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When I was packing and cleaning I realised that this kind of lifestyle where you don’t own that many things is amazing. Most of the apartments that people rent here in Barcelona are already furnished and that makes everything a lot easier and more ecological. If you compare it to Finland (of course there’s furnished apartments in Finland but it’s not that common) here you don’t have to buy everything for your new apartment and rent a van to move your furniture around. It’s madness to start selling and buying your furniture all over again many times across the years. I know some people see themselves reflected in the things that they own and that the spirit of the apartment comes from what they’ve bought but I also believe that you can get used to everything that comes with a furnished apartment. Maybe in the beginning it doesn’t feel like it’s your home and you feel like the things around you are not completely your style but after a while I’m sure you will get used to things around you. I also think that we were lucky to have a furnished apartment so we were able to move most of our things by bike. We had to use a taxi ride only once. How convenient!

Moving to a new place is always stressful and I’m really glad that now we have a bigger apartment to do things. When you live in a small room, you don’t have that many options to do and you prefer to spend your time somewhere else rather than at home. I’ve been living many years in small rooms and I can tell that this is very refreshing. You can actually move your arms around freely and do all kinds of activities, like exercising in your living room. Simple things that probably many people take for granted. Don’t take it for granted, use your space when you have it.

All that I can say is: it feels good to have a home.

– Eeva